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Stafford Jones Learning Institute recognize the critical need for upper school students to be fully ready for life post-secondary education. We have applied our extensive expertise in designing and implementing customized college readiness programs. These programs empower secondary school students with the technical, academic, and employability skills required to access career opportunities and succeed in the workplace.


We have partnered with a streamlined, engaging, and cutting-edge learning platform - Edgenuity -to deliver academic content. The curriculum is completely aligned with the standards laid down by the state of Maryland, iNACOL, and Common Core standards.

The hybrid learning program features 70% of academic instruction administered on the Edgenuity online learning platform while the academic educator provides 30% of the academic/social skill instruction. Personalized learning goals and rich multimedia-based instruction enrich learning while enabling students to gain mastery over core content, including mathematics, science, English, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Apart from health and physical education, students in secondary school are also offered career college readiness programs featuring vocational educational programming.


Our expert-designed Upper School Program is delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals and subject matter experts who specialize in online and in-person teaching. Apart from focusing on academic content, the Upper School Program is enriched with vocational training and internships/apprenticeships that are community-based and linked to local businesses.

We offer customized interventions and ongoing support throughout the day for students who have behavior challenges, have learning difficulties, or other mental/emotional health issues. These include intensive in-home, family, institution-based counseling, applied behavioral analysis programs, behavioral therapy, and wellness counseling.


We offer a comprehensive career and college readiness program for students in grades 7 thru 12. Highly qualified industry professionals deliver our programs, and our vocational educational programs train students in wide ranging vocational trades. We also provide expert guidance in career, vocational, military, college planning, and internship/apprenticeship opportunities.

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