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Our focus is on achieving holistic wellness of middle school students and helping them develop independent learning skills. Stafford Jones Learning Institute offer a precisely tailored blend of programs that empowers learners to step into high school and beyond confidently.

Delivered by certified education experts, counselors, and behavioral specialists, our programs optimize the students’ emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environmental wellness.


Our middle school curriculum is in line with the prescribed academic content of Maryland's state and sets up students on the path to acquire a standard high school diploma. Certified and experienced teachers provide direct instruction in the core subjects of science, mathematics, English, social studies,  language arts, health, and physical education and vocational training. The self-paced program is also aligned with Common Core standards, focusing on sharpening analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

The multimedia-based learning platform enables students to deepen their skills and knowledge of core subjects while engaging them through simulations, labs, animations, graphics, and images. Through individualized learning programs, students learn independent learning strategies, deepen writing and comprehension skills, and master advanced math concepts.


We offer a unique blended learning program where 70% of academic instruction is administered through an online learning platform known as Edgenuity, along with an expert academic counselor/educator provides 30% of learning and support.  With practical and real-life examples, formative and summative assessments, relevant tasks and activities, and an in-built feedback system, students gain mastery in argumentative, narrative and analytical writing as well as core subjects.

A range of built-in tools such as direct instruction videos, calculators, graphic organizers, and CloseReader enables zooming in on the text, eWriting, audio, and translation Edgenuity enriches the process of learning and keeps learners motivated.

Stafford Jones Learning Institute specializes in offering mental health support, behavior and academic assessments, and tailored interventions to meet each learner's specific needs.

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