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Learning Institute

The unique educational programming at Stafford Jones Learning Institute is representative of importance of vocational education, fine arts education and learners having the ability to engage in a learning program that meet their needs. It is a community-based educational program that is designed to meet the unique social (behavior) and academic needs of at-risk youths in grades K-12. Stafford Jones is designed to educate the whole child with the understanding that education is a right that all youths have.



Students of the 21st Century are non - traditional learners who need alternative learning methods of instruction, teachers who are culture sensitive, sufficient resources, and support that meet their academic and social behavior needs. Learning must include multi -modality hands -on (meaningful instruction that engages students) investigations, which enable active and cognitive processing through experience.


The underlying premise is that students learn through active construction of their own knowledge rather than by memorizing or absorbing ideas from oral presentations by their teachers. Repetitive role practice acts do not substantiate learning since learning occurs through inventive processes of assimilation of new knowledge based on the prior knowledge of the learner and the learner’s ability to modify his/her understanding of new information. Through an active learning process, students’ ideas become more sophisticated. With the appropriate guidance and support, students enhance their understanding of the natural world as well as their thinking capabilities. In setting the educational foundation for teaching and learning, the constructivist approach to learning validates the processes that students employ to build and develop their own ideas. Educational curricula should match and challenge student understandings.



Stafford Jones Learning Institute is the brainchild of Dr. Marla Faith Crawford, Ph.D., who is an expert in special education, Transition Planning, and behavioral intervention. While the academic program follows the state-endorsed core curriculum, learning is offered through an engaging online platform that uses interactive elements and multimedia. With 360-degree behavioral, emotional, mental health, and special education support provided to at-risk students and their families - our institute meets the diverse learning needs of different age groups to help reignite our students' passion for learning.



Education is not a one size fits all, and as educators, we are committed to helping our students think outside the box. We encourage our students to rethink their learning approach by teaching them how to remove limitations related to education and embrace their uniqueness.


By adopting a holistic approach to learning, we are geared up to bring about authentic and all-round development regardless of the child's age, culture, psychological, or socioeconomic background.


To provide high quality counseling and educational opportunities to learners for college career readiness. To provide vocational learning opportunities to learners. To provide quality support and education to families in their natural environment through collaboration, positive inclusive interventions, and counseling services to build stronger family communication and connections.


To provide learners with a safe nurturing learning environment that will meet their academic and social skill needs. To provide learners with an opportunity to become productive citizens in the community while developing the learner holistically through wellness counseling. To be consistent, efficient, and professional in the clinical services we deliver to learners and their families. 

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